The Cost of Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is the major villain of the Marvel Comics. A giant green, oozy blob, Bruce Banner is slowly and very painfully transforming from human to super villain, later in his own story line. In many ways, Bruce Banner has a lot of similarities to many other Marvel villains; he has a powerful desire to overcome his problems. However, the greatest difference between Bruce Banner and most other Marvel villains is his cost to become so powerful.

With Bruce Banner, the cost is excruciatingly painful. It is incredibly painful for him to have to go through the tests and medical procedures needed to transform him into the Hulk. THC Delivery It is even more painful when he feels that transformation because of the anger and hatred he feels towards those who wanted to do him harm and prevent him from becoming the Hulk. It is only the sacrifice of his loved ones and the allies he made during his transformation that allows him to not turn on his fellow Avengers.

The cost of Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk is much higher than any other Marvel villain. He sacrifices his life and his happiness to become a force of destruction. In many ways, it is a total game changer, because if he does not turn back, he will destroy every living thing on Earth! The Hulk’s cost is not an issue, though.

This all changed when the Hulk (Bruce Banner) was initially left alone by his fellow Avengers. Most of them are no longer part of the Avengers due to the fact that they are dying, as well. It is, however, the case of two wrongs being the same. The Hulk takes advantage of this, just as he took advantage of the fact that the Avengers could not be present when he transformed.

After the Earth had been saved from the Hulk’s destructive rampage, the Avengers, led by the new Captain America, are not nearly as eager to accept Bruce Banner back into their ranks. The fact that he has taken and tried to use his powers for evil, and is now, in most people’s eyes, a monster, makes him look not only less worthy of the status of Avenger, but also less worthy of his comrades’ trust. This may be a good thing for the Hulk, however, because now he will have to deal with his own cost to transform into the Hulk.

The Hulk costs the cost of Bruce Banner, and the cost of being part of an Avengers team that refuses to accept him back into their ranks. So, the only way the Hulk can truly defeat his enemies is by attempting to buy his teammates enough time to escape and he can only do this by turning the Avengers against each other. Although this is not always easy, the Hulk is able to finally force the Avengers to work together, no matter what the cost.

The Hulk is the hardest character in the Marvel Universe to figure out because if you think you know what the cost of Bruce Banner is, you probably don’t. No matter how you read it, however, it is not an easy thing to figure out, and is a point of much contention among comic book fans.

The cost of Bruce Banner is one of the great mysteries of the Marvel Universe. His transformation is more a matter of degree than a problem in and of itself. It is difficult to figure out the cost of a character who can kill off half of an Avengers team, or corrupt the mind of an innocent child with the power of the Hulk.