Life Storage Offers Free Months of Free Storage


  If you are looking for a self-storage unit to rent, consider Life Storage. Previously known as Uncle Bob’s and Sovran Self Storage, Life Storage has interests in 854 locations. The company charges a monthly administration fee and requires insurance […]


If you are looking for a self-storage unit to rent, consider Life Storage. Previously known as Uncle Bob’s and Sovran Self Storage, Life Storage has interests in 854 locations. The company charges a monthly administration fee and requires insurance to protect your belongings. Life Storage’s self-storage facility fees are less than other self-storage companies, so they’re an excellent choice for many people.
Life Storage is a self-managed equity REIT.

Life Storage is a self-managed REIT with a good payout ratio and attractive fundamentals. Its stock is trading for a discount, thanks to recent market declines. Storage Space Aberdeen Adding Life Storage to your portfolio at these prices is bright, even if macro uncertainty remains high. For more information, visit the Life Storage website. This self-storage REIT offers a high dividend yield, with a payout of 115.2% of its net profits.

The PEG ratio provides a complete view of the company’s profitability, adjusting for growth. The PEG ratio is widely used to compare the share prices of high-growth companies. Life Storage’s EBITDA, or earnings before interest and taxes, is $530.8 million. It is a standard measure of profitability for self-storage companies. Its stock is trading at 35 times its recent earnings, and investors should consider this ratio when investing in this self-managed equity REIT.
It offers month-to-month storage.

Life Storage has affordable month-to-month storage units. Those who need space for seasonal decorations, sports equipment, or yard equipment may find the drive-up unit a convenient solution. It also has no stairs, so you won’t have to haul your items up and down the stairs.

The company also offers a contact-free system. Once you rent a unit and pay the rental online, you’ll receive a digital access code for the storage facility. This code allows you to visit your unit anytime, without making an appointment. The best part? No more worries about storing your valuable items while you’re away on vacation or a job.
It charges an administration fee.

If you don’t cancel or move out early, you can enjoy the next month of free storage at Life Storage. Once you do that, you won’t have to make another payment until the third month. Then, you’ll be responsible for paying the average rate for the remaining months.

Life Storage doesn’t have a lot of locations, but its customer service is better than its competitors. In addition to free truck and van rentals, they offer top-notch customer service, commercial storage solutions, and vehicle storage. You can also reserve a unit if you need to convert a bedroom into an office. Life Storage also offers a virtual storage unit size estimator, letting you view a typical unit without visiting its facilities.

It requires insurance

Before using Life Storage, you should ensure that your items are insured. A declaration page is a standard outline of your coverage, and it can help you ensure that your things are covered if something should happen to them. In addition, you should inquire whether your coverage extends offsite. If unsure how to obtain insurance, you can ask the storage facility about recommended insurance providers.

It has locations in 33 states.

Life Storage, Inc. is a self-managed REIT that owns and operates storage properties across the U.S. The Buffalo-based company operates 925 locations in 33 states. It provides convenient storage solutions for commercial and residential customers and offers responsive service. It employs over 2,000 people. As of July 2017, Life Storage had over 575,000 customers. Its facilities are well-lit, and customers can access their units in the early morning and late evening.

Life Storage offers a contact-free, online-based rental process. The company’s website allows customers to rent a unit, pay for it with a credit card, and receive a digital access code. The customer can walk up to their unit anytime without a scheduled appointment. Life Storage also offers parking spaces for vehicles. The company also produces boxes that are durable enough to withstand a move. The boxes are equipped with side handles for easy lifting.
It offers on-site moving truck rentals.

Moving to a new city and need to rent a moving truck? You’ve come to the right place! Life Storage offers on-site moving truck rentals for your next move. You’ll need a driver’s license and insurance card to rent one. A Life Storage moving truck rental costs are typically higher than other truck rentals. Before you rent one, however, be sure to compare the prices and availability of the Life Storage moving truck rental service to other moving truck rental companies.

Life Storage offers on-site moving truck rentals for customers. Their trucks are convenient and allow customers to move within the same city. Life Storage also offers truck rentals for long-term storage. You can rent the moving truck and the storage unit in some locations. This can help you save time and money by allowing you to move into your new home with less hassle. Life Storage is not limited to one specific location. Located throughout the United States, the company offers on-site moving truck rentals.