5 Best Crypto Money Recommendations for Investment in 2022


For some people, the Covid-19 pandemic is considered a momentum that has a positive impact, one of which is investment. Currently, the types of investments used are varied, ranging from gold, stocks, mutual funds, to cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency or crypto is […]

For some people, the Covid-19 pandemic is considered a momentum that has a positive impact, one of which is investment.

Currently, the types of investments used are varied, ranging from gold, stocks, mutual funds, to cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency or crypto is a virtual currency that is used to transact online or online.

There are also various types of crypto, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and so on. Each type of cryptocurrency also has a different price for each chip.

To find out the prices of each of these cryptocurrencies, you can view the cryptocurrency info on Pluang. For those of you who are interested in investing some crypto money, here are some of the best recommendations for you to consider!

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

This digital currency may already be familiar among people who are interested in investing. This currency was created by someone under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Since its inception, Bitcoin has managed to hold the title of the most popular digital currency.

Bitcoin is dubbed the King of Cryptocurrency by crypto experts because of its very high demand. However, the limited amount makes the exchange rate or price very high. How cryptocurrency works? Previously, Bitcoin was fairly cheap, only hundreds of silver per chip, but currently Bitcoin costs around IDR 692 million per chip. In addition, ownership of Bitcoin does not require an identity alias can be owned by an anonymous person.

Bitcoin falls further as China cracks down on crypto-currencies - BBC News

2. Cardano (ADA)

This cryptocurrency was created by a mathematician as well as an entrepreneur, namely Charles Hoskinson. Having a blockchain proof-of-stake system, Cardano is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies today. Proof-of-stake is one of two regulatory mechanisms for cryptocurrency transaction processes.

This makes Cardano’s system more efficient than other cryptocurrencies because it allows mining based on the number of coins held. In addition, the system does not rely on power-hungry computers to process transactions and generate new Cardano units.

3. Ripple (XRP)

XRP coin or commonly called Ripple is one of the crypto assets that investors are looking for. Ripple is an American company whose goal is to provide efficient services for cross-border payments to the financial industry by eliminating intermediaries to reduce transaction costs and time. In this network, payment services and other facilities use a coin called XRP.
In terms of liquidity, XRP is one of the most liquid among other crypto assets. Unlike Bitcoin, which costs hundreds of millions, Ripple’s current price is only Rp. 15 thousand. So, XRP is perfect for those of you who have a minimal budget but still want to invest in crypto coins.

4. Ethereum (ETH)

Just like ADA, Ethereum was created as a security-focused smart contact platform built on a natural philosophy and through academic research. Ethereum managed to occupy the second position which has quite high liquidity among other cryptocurrencies.

This is because there are quite a lot of currency trades, so the disbursement is fairly easy when compared to other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum was first traded at a price of Rp. 41 thousand, but now the price of Ethereum has reached Rp. 47 million per chip.

5. Dogecoin (Doge)

Created by a programmer Billy Markus in 2013, Dogecoin was originally planned only to generate a supply of up to a maximum of 100 billion. But who would have thought that over time, Dogecoin was announced to have an unlimited supply. Had been used as a joke, Dogecoins managed to prove its existence in early 2021.

Well, that’s a few rows of cryptocurrencies that you can consider if you want to dive into the world of investing in digital currencies. For the price development of each currency, you can check the info at Pluang.

Want to Be a Crypto Miner? First Read These Tips

The phenomenon of mining or mining crypto is currently being discussed by the public. For those of you who want to become a crypto miner, there are various tips that must be considered.

One of the crypto asset mining entrepreneurs Desi Indarti or familiarly called ‘tante boss’ gave a number of tips to become a crypto miner. First, prepare a stable crypto mining tool.
“In terms of capital, it is relative. Miners’ capital is 8 VGA from me, it is the most stable and can be used as our income,” he said at the d’Mentor detikcom event, Wednesday (12/8/2021).
Second, don’t force the capital spent to start becoming miners. He stressed that this crypto has risks like any business in general.

“I have a story that a telephone client wants to buy a VGA, but wants to take the money for their child’s education. That’s why I scolded ‘don’t force it, sir’. Because it must be true. But that’s each individual’s decision, yes. because this is vulnerable not as beautiful as the one on Instagram,” he explained.

Touching on the risk of crypto assets, Desi explained that he was also bleeding.
“When the market fell, which was previously in crypto, it went up 300% down to 700%. Well, I used to bleed. Either you can be very poor or you can be very rich. But you have to take courage,” he said.

Omicron Rocked Bitcoin Price Falls, When Will It Bouncing Again?

The price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin is in decline. There are several causes, one of which is the influence of a new variant of COVID-19 called Omicron. This was stated by the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Crypto Asset Traders Association (Aspakrindo) Teguh Kurniawan Harmanda.
“If we look at the macro, the influence of new virus variants such as Omicron or even before there were Delta and Delta plus affects investment instruments such as stocks and crypto.”

The effect of this Omicron variant is also enough to make investors panic until they finally sell their crypto assets.

“From the panic selling, a correction occurred, including in crypto assets, especially Bitcoin,” he said.

In addition, the price of bitcoin fell was also caused by the United States central bank The Federal Reserve (The Fed) which accelerated its monetary normalization policy. The price of bitcoin had fallen more than 9% to the range of US $ 51,000/coin which is the lowest level in the last two months.

He believes the current decline in bitcoin is still within reasonable limits, especially since it has happened in recent years. Teguh predicts bitcoin will skyrocket again around April 2022.

“But this market movement is still within reasonable limits and crypto assets themselves, especially those with large capitalizations, also have extensive use cases, and are still promising for long-term planning. If we look at history, it is possible to return to a bull run around April 2022,” he said.

Therefore, crypto assets are said to still hold promise for long-term financial planning. What’s more, there will also be a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) which is a central bank issue in the world.

“I believe that crypto assets will still develop in the future, it can also be seen that several institutions will definitely adopt blockchain including banking in the future, as evidenced by the existence of CBDC,” he concluded.

As of December 7, 2021, the price of bitcoin has increased by 6.03% to IDR 739 million. Crypto trading volume has increased to IDR 36.8 billion in the last 24 hours. Thus quoted from Coin Base.

Despite rising, in the last week bitcoin has decreased by 10.85%. Then compared to last November’s value, the price of bitcoin has decreased drastically. Where on November 9 bitcoin was at Rp 962 million.

Ethereum today also increased by 8.88% to IDR 63 million with a trading volume of IDR 27.3 billion in the last 24 hours. Today’s value is also down compared to last November which was recorded at Rp 69 million.

Binance crypto also rose 5.42% today to IDR 8.4 million, Dogecoin rose 9.03% to IDR 2,598 and Shiba Inu coin rose 11.30%.